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the big issues president obama will have to tack until the next four years which of course includes guns in america. tell us what you want to see from the president in his second term. send questions to me use our # pmtnext4. i'll ask you to grade the president on the next four years. joining me is a very stellar panel. dan rather, grover norquist, dallas mavericks owner mark cuban, kelly ann conway, frank rooney from "the new york times." plus the newest member of our cnn family jake tapper, anchor and chief washington correspondent. welcome to you all. jake tapper, first of all, welcome to the cnn family. as i think wolf blitzer told you earlier, you just have to work hard, keep your nose clean and let wolf deal with the work. that's what i tend to do. a fascinating day in many ways in washington as they have been a lot recently. the president seemed to me to be a man who realizes he probably hasn't achieved enough to guarantee his legacy whatever he sees that to be. he looked pretty determined, pretty up for a fight and laid out a radical plan as many are seeing that has been much mor
to the act this year. president obama's inaugural address yesterday though, he recognizes the battle for voting rights isn't over. here's the president. >> obama: our journey is not complete a citizen is not forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote. >> michael: now that he has been inaugurated, do you think voters going to the ballot is at risk. >> i think it is. the republicans are a minority party. they got the minority in the presidential and senate and over all house races they're not working with the demographic roots that are growing in this country, which are largely latinos. and it will make it impossible for them to break into that voting block. the only way they can win is by changing the rules. i know i can cite some great philosophers but gary trudeau has been citing the politics that we'll just change the election by changes the votes and you can see it in dunes bury. there was no photo i.d. that was the way to diminish the vote of young people and african-americans and other minorities. what it did was so enrage the african-american community they got out
to witness the historic inauguration of barack obama. and i was there. yes! and now four years later, i had returned. i'm right back here in exactly the same spot as last time! the atmosphere, the energy here is electric. [ laughter ] we can move closer. we can walk closer than this. let's just walk. okay. so it was off to a slow start. we have have the right day today, right? this is it? we can pick it up. we can really move. i was expecting a few more people than this. >> just wait around. you'll see. they coming. >> this feels a bit more like an ultimate frisbee signup. this is nice. >> slightly less people than in 2009 but they more than made up for it with enthusiasm. how excited are you to be here? >> i'm tired. >> yay! >> yay! >> yay! >> last time it felt like an historic event. this one feels more like a constitutionally mandated process. >> ah, i would say so. >> what was wrong with these people? 2009 they understood the scale of what is happening. >> for me it's the most historic event that is happening. >> number one. >> number one in terms of history of the world. it's better th
. >>> this is "piers morgan tonight," the next four years, a live town hall special. day one, president obama's second term, can he keep his promises to america on guns after another school shooting today? >> our journey is not complete until all our children from the streets of detroit to the hills of appalachia to the quiet lanes of newtown know that they're cared for and cherished and always safe from harm. >> the economy. >> an economic recovery has begun. america's possibilities are limitless. >> social issues. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> tonight an unprecedented gathering on business, politics on both sides of the gun debate. dan rather, mark cuban, grover norquist, a texas gun owner who survived a mass shooting and a couple who stopped a thief with a gun of their own. how would you grade the president for his first four years and what da you want to see in the next four? this is "piers morgan tonight." [ applause ] good evening. our town hall is going in a few minutes but we begin with breaking news on another
obama another four years, a number of supreme court justices well into their 70s, so he could tilt what is seen generally as a fight for -- maybe center right court to one that could easy tip left and change court decisions, union and otherwise, for decades to come. >> that's certainly a possibility. it's a dangerous. it would take an extraordinary degree of activism to do that. the law that allow states right to work laws was passed in 1947. the supreme court dominated by the president roosevelt's appointees, very, very liberal president, upheld it. you know, for decades you had liberal and conservative justices saying this is what the law says. neil: not worried even if the court tips left? >> i think right to work is safe. neil: and unions, safe to say, under pressure? >> they are just going to have to persuade the members they offer services paid for. they have not been able to do that. neil: we'll watch. got the president reelected. >> spend hundreds of millions of dollars to do it. other members had little say in the spending. neil: james, thank you very much. in the meantime, can
president barack obama's inaugural address was a campaign style stump speech and years from now not only remembered for his divisive combative tone, but exposed the blueprint for obama's radical second term agenda. let's take a look. >> we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care. we will respond to the threat of climate change. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote. our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> sean: all right. while obama remains health bent on tackling national security threats like climate change, the president made no substantive reference toss economic matters like putting you the american people back to work or address the single big s threat we face as a countrt of course, being the rise of islamic extremism. instead he wants you to believe that all is right with the world.
. president obama spent the first four year i trying to get along with the republicans. they wouldn't do it. he's back in office, and leading up until yesterday, refused to cooperate. he drew the line in the sand, and, you know, it started to work. republicans came to the senses, okay, not touching the debt ceiling, let it float. in return, you see the democrats in the senate drawing up a budget. i think obama's -- his olive branch is, okay, i'll take this one extension to bring stability to the situation, but it's not happening again because we have to get the job doab. it's progress. it's better than the last few months. lou: some combative about it and characterize the president as being so contentious. it's the first intelligent step taken by the republicans and gives, you know, i i think hope to the nation, the first intelligent step taken by the president. they actually are moving towards one another. it looked to me like something we ought to be kind of saying hallelujah about other than analyzing, if i may, in such, well, i don't know, unsettling parts of the terms. >> it's progress
more >> john: you know, one of the loudest critics of president obama over the past year or so has been america's sweetheart, newt gingrich. yet even newt had to admit yesterday that the president's inauguration speech was, for the most part, "classically american." a speech about giving everyone the opportunity to succeed and to enjoy the same equality under the law? how could anyone, anyone find a problem with an inspiring speech about things like fairness and equal rights? >> simply impossible to do what the president wants to do. ensure prosperity and fairness for every american. can't be done. no matter how much money you spend. >> john: god bless that man. okay. i'm happy to concede the point that prosperity for every american is not a task that can ever be achieved which is probably why the president never said or suggested it, bill. but fairness, we've given up on fairness? i guess fox news will have to change its slogan. fox news, we're balanced, right kucinich? joining me now my panel of nonexperts joe derosa, comedian and co-author of "cheat". contributor to forbes.com,
president obama's first year in office and now the so-called no budget, no pay proposal. >> when i grew up, i had a lot of jobs and i had to work to get paid to do those jobs, so when i flipped burgers at mcdonald's or mowed lawns or painted houses i did the work and i got paid. i didn't get paid if i didn't do the work. it's the basic concept here, you do the work you get paid you don't do the work you shouldn't get paid. >> senator rob portman joins us. >> good to see you, greta. >> should be american people be outraged now that the house is suggesting a stop-gap measure and the president seemed obliged it that, should the american people are outraged we're sort of limping along. >> sure, 5 trillion dollars ago is the last time the senate had a budget. unbelievable, the debt has gone up by 5 trillion dollars and yet for almost four years now there hasn't been a budget and with a budget, as you know, comes regular poured meaning you have the appropriations process, so you actually have some oversight over government. instead what we do are the stop gap bills that, you know, frankly, we're
to have the four years of obama's hyper liberalism, the kind of stuff he elucidated and enuns dated yesterday in the inaugural address. and i would say that if our ideology, conservative, small government ideology is correct, it will leave a mess behind. but we will also need as conservatives, republicans if you like, a standard bearer in 2016 who can make the case. and there is not a dearth of them. we have a very strong bench. we have got ryan. we have got rubio. we have got the governors, there is a whole young generation of conservatives who can make the case that will be the test. although i will say that if liberals keep winning elections, then your theory of a fundamental change in the change of the electorate and the sense of dependency at which point it becomes a point of no return would be right. i'm just saying we he don't know history will tell us. >> bill: there is something wrong with we the people. there is something wrong now in this country. in the election of 2010 of the tamera emerged and republicans did well. they took the house back from the democrats and the su
four years the left wing media come to the defense of president obama no matter what the issue is. yesterday, covering the inauguration, the so-called media couldn't contain their giddiness or excitement. and here are examples of their reporting. >> shaun turned 16 and dad, i want to spend my 16th trip to see the inauguration, any regrets so far. >> not at all, not at all. a little bit of sleep. >> that's enough. >> that's enough. >> history is keeping you warm, right? >> exactly, outstanding. >> we're going to go now to bill weir who is out in the center of the mall and i heard you say earlier, bill, people are counting on history to keep them warm. >> absolutely. and the community, a sense of national pride on days like this. >> this is the moment that everybody is waiting for on inauguration day with the president and first lady step out of their limo and walk down pennsylvania avenue. you know, i feel like i should pinch myself right now, wolf. i can't believe i have this vantage point of history in the making. >> so your he' literally what, 15, 20 feet away from the president
: with are not worthy for another four years of president obama? despite the political system putting him in office again, white house communications director telling the washington post, listen to this, there's a moment of opportunity now that is important. what's frustrating is that we don't have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity. wow. with more on this, steven hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. steven, how can we move forward if the president's press people say stuff like this? >> yeah, that was a remarkable comment. particularly, given the fact it was published on the president's, at least the ceremony yal inauguration day, and the day in which the president addressed the calling for civility and unity. you, i don't think he meant it. it's what we're looking here in washington is this kind of confrontational aggressive liberalism from the president, but you have to ask what did dan mean when he talked about a political system that's not worthy of the president? i mean, does he want the president to be able to make all of these decisions by fiat? by t
for president obama, a dignified elderly 92 year old woman named bernice opened the door in my get out the vote identification, identified her supporting equality. and she looked at me and she looked at my official obama pen that said lgbt for obama and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and she said, our time has really come, hasn't it? we both cried. that moment with bernice takes some of the pain of this day away. on this day i always feel a heightened affinity with my uncle for this was that night 34 years ago that i had to first reflect on my own conversations with harvey. anyone who has had conversations with harvey will know, you cannot get away easy. and he didn't let me as a teenager get away easy either. i had to reflect about the meaning of those conversations. it was a day that i had to look hard at what his love and guidance would mean to me that that was gone, that i could only think of the words and the conversations that we had. my uncle was moved by all extraordinary heroes of authenticity that he would see, particularly when it wasn't pretty or easy for them. that is in m
to vote to overturn that 40-year-old decision. when president obama leaned over to hug the rather fierce but rather small figure of 79-year-old supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg yesterday at the capitol luncheon that was filled with all the washington vips, and president obama had that moment with ruth bader ginsburg, that physical contact, that hug between that particular justice and this particular president was a very real manifestation of the consequences of this election we just had. today outside the supreme court, as they do every year on the anniversary of roe, anti-abortion groups protested, expressing their view that it should be illegal to get an abortion in this country. there were also counter protests. people and groups supporting the decision defending abortion rights. the anniversary of the row v decision at the supreme court is one of the rare places where you actually see scenes like this where you have demonstrators who are against abortion rights right along side demonstrators who are for abortion rights. and they're all showing up together on this day at the
to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. >>> on monday, the nation celebrated president obama's second inauguration. here's what a lot of us saw on television. ♪ >>> but certain folks on the far right saw something very dirnt. thanks to the wonders of republivision we're able to show you their version. ♪ >> i'm not making this up. that's what conservatives believe. republican congressman paul brown says, "i think the only constitution that barack obama upholds is the soviet constitution. wow. the right wingers really do believe that the president has finally revealed himself to be the communist, marxist, socialist mancuirian candidate community organizers they knew he always was. >> what we heard was a hard left manifesto from the president of the united states yesterday at the inauguration. >> one thing was pretty clear from the president's speech yesterday. the era of liberalism is back. >> no longer does the president seek to portray himself as a moderate. he is an out-the-closet liberal. >> hard left. obama unbound.
it worss n the neet four years. that's my hope. president obama's second indicate that he intends to taakle he growth of entitlements - wwich many agree is the key toosolving now, .../ there's... one... lingering issue... fromm ...yesterday's inauguration. inauguration.beyonce's performance f the national stunning"oh say can yu see bb the dawn's early light" light" ...but it ámmyááhave beee recorded.ealrlier in the -day. marine corps band said that voice during the performance ye. yesterday.but here's wwere things get onfusing...later issued a statement... saying no one in the band was in a position tooknow if ittwas live or tape. tape.iffit was tape, it pouldn't be the first time... "hann-synched" his performance during obbma's first iinuguration but even more mmstifying is this.everyone saw beyonce pull oot her earpiece.if the performance was liie, she may have needed to do this for technical reasons.if the performance was tapp, it was just for ssow the reasonnthe ravvns ground crew...hhd toowait 2 eetra hours...before they painted on fox45 news at ten but next..
years ago president reagan was the political icon? with reagan in mind. president obama made his stand. >> this was a declaration that his interest is to restore us to the liberal of 60 years that reagan stopped he gave us these three decades and clinton in the middle of the three decades said it n. his 96th state of the union address the era of big government is over, this speech was a declaration the era of big government is back and it's back with a vengeance. let me give you a stark example of the choice all of us must make. years ago a man named rupert murdoch started a company called the news corporation. right now news corps employs 48,000 people worldwide. those people, and i am one of them, are given opportunity. i have seized that opportunity and done well. but president obama told me i did not build the factor alone. that the government somehow is partially responsible for my success well, it is true i take a road to work the long island expressway. believe me, that is not helping me succeed, mr. president, that road is a mess. and you won't fix it. by contrast, the presiden
. >> yesterday, the supreme court justices to center stage in the inauguration of president obama. it was a decision handed down 40 years ago that for every change america. in roe vs. wade, women were given the constitutional right to an abortion. ever since, those rights have been rolled back. in mississippi, only -- the only abortion clinic may soon be forced to close. >> how do you feel today? >> anxious. >> 19-year-old, anderson is 12 weeks pregnant. she is about to see the fetus growing inside of her for the first time. but she has chosen not to have her baby. and she is having an ultrasound because under mississippi state law, she is required to look at the image of the fetus before being allowed to have an abortion. >> the thought of giving it away, i could not bear that, because i would be attached to it. but i cannot care for it either. >> she is having her termination in mississippi's only abortion clinic. she may be one of the last woman to have the procedure here. in the next few days, the judge could shut it down. protesters from a local church have gathered outside a
was a fascinate look at president obama's big challenges over the next four years. "anderson cooper" starts now. tonight, the people who think there's a revolving door on this place, in our nation's capitol, you're going to meet a newly re-elected congresswoman who who just be starting her new term. instead she's already leaving and using what she learned here in capital to cash in. we're keeping them honest. >>> also, the man who designed michelle obama's inaugural gown this time and last time four years ago, we'll talk live with designer jason wu who goes from eating pizza to seeing his dreams come true. >>> but we begin tonight with breaking news. students speak about the terror they lived through today at a community college in houston, texas. new video up close of the drama as it unfolded at lone star college. what apparently started as an altercation escalated into a horrifying scene, all of it happening in the middle of a national debate on how to stop gun violence. three people hurt, two detained and an awful lot of unanswered questions. ed lavandera is live on the scene. he joins us no
and michael beschloss. >> i think par of what obama has to do in history is one line in the chart is the decline in household income. median household income. it's been falling for 12 years, the american dream a phrase going into the 1930's is in genuine peril, i'm not being yogi bear saying we're at the fork in the road and we should take the fork. it's a fact and the opportunity is going away. there may be a good business cycle coming but we know the long term trend here is heading in the wrong direction. >> rose: james taylor and presidentialis historians and journalists when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: james taylor's one of the most recognized voices in american music. the five-time grammy award winner sold close to 100 million albums. he's equally celebrated for his guitar playing, his lyrics and his distinct baritone voice. in 2011 taylor was awarded national medal of arts from the whitehouse and highest arne for artistic achievement. yesterday he performed president obama's seco
on health insurance. it's pretty good four years. at some point maybe to you charlie obama said if i'm a one term president i'd rather get this right than be a two term president. i don't want to say it's all downhill from here but so far if his biographers i think would have a favorable view of these four years. >> i think something else historian might notice that the current generation notices less and that is that for instance when richard nixon became president he inherited a foreign policy from lyndon johnson almost totally driven by prosecuting the vietnam war. he broad ened it with initiatives. barack obama when he inherited george bush's foreign policy combating terrorism to the exclusion often times of other thing, he's made this a much more balanced foreign policy and he's done it almost soundlessly. and i think that causes people sometime not to give him the credit. >> rose: doris kearns goodwin. >> i think, i'll take all three of them. >> rose: i know you will. >> the re-election really sert fies the legacy. think if he wasn't elected. maybe obamacare would have been undone in
by the obama administration, which blocked progress of the project a year ago. superstorm sandy is taking a toll on corporate america. verizon blamed its $4.23-billion loss on storm costs. travelers insurance company turned a $394-million profit, but that was down from $618 million last year because of hurricane- related expenses. and delta airlines, which cancelled nealry 20,000 flights, had a net income of $7 million, off $425 million from a year earlier. despite near constant pleas for more revenue, the u.s. postal service is being investigated for runaway travel spending. the report comes from the postal service's office of the inspector general and finds that the agency overpaid employee travel expenses by more than $1 million. additionally, it claims that employees used government-issued travel cards for personal travel. the postal service has agreed to the watchdog's recommendations. feeling pressure after the newtown shootings, groupon is halting all gun-related deals. the daily deals company says it is responding to customer pressure and has canceled all planned any existing disc
president obama has laid out a broad and ambitious agenda for hisbut signs are scant negotiating with republicans will be any easier for the next four years. on tuesday the inaugural celebration was capped off cathedral in washington. now the president begins a second term - with plenty on his plate. threat of climate change >> reporter: in his inaugural addreess -obama pushed for action on the environment - saying the impact of natural disasters can no longer be ignored. white house press secretary jay carney followed up. >> this is not only an issue of helping our climate and our national security >> reporter: some top republicans appear more focused on spending in washington. >> we should start with that nothing else matters. >> reporter: house republicans are of the debt ceiling - but with a stipulation the senate passes a budget inthe white house says it's ready to work towards something lasting. >> what we support is a long-term raising of the debt ceiling so that we don't have any doubt or uncertainty for businesses the simple proposition that pays its bills >> reporter: a
. >>> and coming up at 5:30, president obama gave plenty of hints about his agenda for the next four years what one of his critics is saying and is there any sense of optimism? >>> daryl stin eberg met with aids of joe biden to come up with how to deal with mental illness. >> let's build a national set of agencies that will prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering. >> reporter: signburg is urging the federal government to devote $10 million to help states accomplish additional mental state programs. >>> debby shultz is staying at her postas the head of the national economy. congressmen reelected her today. the congresswoman gardenerred support from her party and president obama who last month said he wanted her to stay on. she was appointed to the postin 2011. >>> a new survey finds more americans are now open to allowing citizenship for some illegal immigrants. the associated press gfk poll found 52% of americans favor allowing a path way to citizenship for immigrants who are already in the country. in 2010 just 50% of people polled ed felt that way. 22% more republicans now back the path to citize
though there's been four years of a barack obama presidency, for the wars in iraq and the wars in afghanistan and military interventions and the drone policy, and he was trying to say we can work peacefully. we have to build on the peacemakers, and i think that is a message that will be received by people in iran, will be received by certain communities in iran, but there is a big divide in iran. there's the qods force which feels very empowered and very aggressive. if he's extending an olive branch, i think there will be some parties in iran that will be taking it and other parties that will just be seeing this as some sort of trick because this administration has also been very tough on iran, particularly as far as sanctions are concerned. >> steve? first of all, do you think the message will get to the person it's intended for? >> i think there is. i think there's an audience of one, with due respect to richard whom i adore. but i think ayatollah khamenei is the person barack obama was trying to reach with this. we've seen in president ahmadinejad's speeches recently a relax
in the way obama's will decline over the next year. hillary clinton will be off safe somewhere not political skin in the game. >> look, it may hurt him in a general election, but i would say joe biden would be thrilled to have to worry about a 2016 general election. i do think guns, if he can do something, helps him. helps with the inside crowd. and i do think -- if you would ask joe biden today, hey, joe. and it wasn't on television, are you running for president you know what he'd say? yes. and i don't think he would pause. >> although hillary clinton is formidable. it's "saturday night live." it's the parodies. >> that's right. >> those guys, they decide to caricaturize you, you're dead. hillary clinton came across today as presidential. listen to her. >> today after four years in this job, traveling nearly a million miles, visiting 112 countries, my faith in our country and our future is stronger than ever. every time that blue and white airplane carrying the words united states of america touches down in some far-off capital, i feel again the honor it is to represent the world's indispe
a attte with lung cancer.he was 85 years old. &p3 there's no quesston beyonce's performance of the nationall anthem was one of tte hiihhights of president obama's innuguration.but as ed paaneetells us... now there is another quustion people want -3&panswwred: was shh singing live lip-synching? 33 --reporter pkg--s follows-- pttsure lookeddgood -- and ssunded good.but beyonce may have been lippsynching to a recording he maae thh night pefore the inauguration.the oo her tumbll page of that rrcording session.a spokkswoman foo the u-- marine baad told cnn, beyonce didn't actually perform the "star- the marine corps said in a statementtthat no one in their to assess whether the performance was live or pre- recordedd.and in another statement saad a live performance wws ill-advised beccuse f thh lack of rehearsal time. washingtonian magazine editor garrett graff & was seated close to the u-s - marineeband and noticed sommthing wasn't right.it immediately sttuck me that i &pcouldn't hear the band anddi was eated there staring at the saxophone player
? >> we've shown today, we asked president obama after 4 1/2 years of addressing all this concerns and then some, to approve it. now if he doesn't move forward and approve it, i think we've shown that there is bipartisan support in the senate as well as the house it pass the legislation to authorize the project to go forward. i have got 58 votes. i had 58 people supporting the legislation last year. think if the president turns it down this time, i think that we can get the bipartisan sawn support to approve it. melissa: go ahead without him. is that possible? >> i think so. i think that's what we're showinging. there is broad bipartisan support because the american people want this project. they want the energy. they want the jobs. we don't want to be, look what is going on in the middle east. look at the hearings today on benghazi. look what is going on in syria and in iran. we don't want to be dependent on the middle east. melissa: no. absolutely. when you look at a map of the pipeline, he likes to say that he, the president, that he already approved the lower portion of it, the
. but as we know, yesterday, the president said he has big changes planned for the next four years. the question becomes, exactly what is he going to do? and abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl spent the day trying to find out. >> reporter: after the obamas left the big inaugural ball, they returned to the white house for a star-studded after hours party. celebrities posted photos well after midnight. but today, it's back to reality. president obama's inaugural speech outlined a boldly liberal vision that congressional republicans declared dead on arrival. >> unabashedly far left of center inauguration speech. obviously, it's not designed to bring us together. >> reporter: now that the inauguration is over, what is the president actually going to do? he dedicated more of the speech to climate change than any other one issue. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. >> reporter: that came as a surprise. during the campaign, the president spent more time touting the very fos
's happened in the last couple of weeks or so, republicans caved on taxes on new year's eve. i think obama peeled away 85 republican votes on tax hikes. what happened to this once, you know, rock-solid g.o.p. caucus even paul ryan voted with the president on that their bluff has been called on the debt ceiling. we don't want to shut down the government. so, it looks like republicans are fighting among themselves. so this debate is already underway in the republican party. >> yeah. the. >> the president understands this. that combined with the 332 electoral votes he got, i think he is in a stronger -- i think he is in a stronger position now than he has been probably in four years. so he has less incentive now to be mr. nice than he has in quite some time. i think we are seeing that. >> right. i was going to say, i think we see that he senses that as well. >> yeah. >> he feels that he is projecting it. i don't know whether -- i forget whether you were there the day he announced his measures on gun violence for example. >> yeah. >> that was straight o here is
that in the moment, it wasn't her voice. >> obama was lip-syncing, too. >> well, the last four years. >> mike barnicle's laughing about this. "star spangled scam." all right, mike barnicle. mika is deeply offended by this. and when she jets in from the south of france on a real jet, g-5, she'll tell us about it. but mike, you're nonplussed by this as well, aren't you. >> oh, yeah. beyonce's great. so what? we could have had -- you know, so what, we could have had the cowsills singing and no one would have known the difference. it's no big deal. no big deal. >> all right. well, no big deal all around. >> we lip-synced the last half of monday's show, joe, because we were all at the dubliner. >> you could tell. >> don't you feel bad for her -- >> no. >> here she is, this international superstar, great moment and now people are making fun of her. it's a shame. it would have been worth it to take the chance and sing it live. >> we just want to believe. >> james taylor -- james taylor sang it live. >> allegedly. >> no? he's j.t. >> maybe she had a cold or something. maybe there will be an explanati
speech barack obama has ever given. >> much more radical than the speech he gave four years ago. >> he doesn't have to stand for reelection again. >> this is clearly a president who is not running for reelection. >> unapologetically liberal. >> congressman paul ryan is a guy who believes the country is made up of makers and takers. that's what he said. it's no surprise he didn't like the president's speech. >> the president is a proud and confident liberal progressive. he invoked the constitution and the declaration at times, which are something that everybody likes to hear, especially conservatives. but he invoked them as a means to sort of legitimize the agenda that he has going forward, which was fairly partisan, very ideological for sure, and, you know, it didn't surprise me that he did that, because he is basically saying i'm a liberal, and i'm going to govern as a liberal, and i won. so there. >> the mayor of cable tv believes it's proof that america will be torn apart. >> rather than focusing on america's problems like exploding debt and a weak economy, mr. obama put forth that
decided by science. >> correct. and, you know, we spent a good two years now talking about the huge threat that our debt is when arguably the warming of the planet, which could be irreversible, is a much larger threat than our national debt. what obama was trying to say is we need to have a reasoned discussion. i'm tired of saying this side and this side, let's meet in the middle. let's acknowledge certain -- >> the republican party had up until recently acknowledged a common science, and then as part of this crazy admission requirement for the republican candidacy for president, you have to disown all that, all that knowledge. >> that's exactly right. i think he felt so comfortable saying what he said yesterday because the american people were with him on election day. you know, they stood up and they said, no, this is time for reasonable discussion on issues. this wasn't just one set of issues. the american people, and our research at emily's list has shown that particularly women voters, just want some common sense discussion on these issues to look for policies to lead us forward. >> t
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